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SEAN McVITTYSean McVitty lives in the beautiful hills behind Byron Bay Australia, where he composes and produces sublime musical landscapes for Healing & Wellbeing.

As a Writer, Performer and Producer he has major releases with EMI. Sony. Fremantle Media. Grundy’s Television, NetworkTen and fans from literally all over the globe.

Whilst composing these albums Sean worked very closely with massage therapists, yoga instructors and day spa centres to create a series of 4 x 1 hour CD’s that are perfect for all types of bodywork through to meditation. They’ll transform any listening environment into an oasis of peace and calm.

Each album features real performances by real musicians and is recorded in his state of the art recording facility The ‘Lotus Ponds’ in Byron Bay.

Receiving rave reviews in Australia and Internationally. He is being called a breath of fresh air amongst the SPA Healing and Wellbeing industry with his gift for composing music that aids in deeper states of relaxation.

Listen to this beautiful music HERE and check out what the reviews are saying!


“It’s so exciting to find new music and your music has a really contemporary sound. I’ve listened to lots of “spa music” over the years and so when I hear something new and beautiful it makes me very happy!” ~ Carlie Watson. Spa Sounds.


“It is beautiful music for meditation and relaxation. I love it!!!!!!! Just what I need after a day at work”. ~ Sue Beckers.


“Simply sublime! love your work Sean!… Absolute tranquility for the soul”. ~ Vina.


Your beautiful cds have arrived safe and sound, so looking forward to sharing your magic around! ~ Kathryn. Santosha Spa


Your music is absolutely divine – I cant wait to play it during my yoga classes. ~ LeeLee YogaPresence


  • I found Sean’s music as total sublime. It surrounded my home with such an angelic presence, that even my 17 year old daughter was affected so positivly-it blew my mind.

  • When music is good it adds another deep and rich dimension of healing to my massages. Sean’s music both helps me to drop into that sensitive, attuned space, and carries my client on an aural journey that is relaxing and sublime. Thanks Sean, my massages have been awesome lately!!

  • Sean is one of a kind. A composer of the Angels realm. The most beautiful, touching, relaxing music. It is overwhelming of Pure heart and love that it makes me cry. Wow wow wow!!!

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