CD4 – ‘Sounds Embracing the Silence’

Sounds Embracing The Silence by Sean McVitty is an ambient journey into meditation. I composed this CD specifically to assist in deep sleep and deeper states of meditation and relaxation. It features Tibetan bowls, Chimes. Crystal bowls and delicate piano and designed to have on quietly in the background or to listen on headphones. The ultimate meditation music! Featuring the sublime voice of Ashera Hart a sound healer from the UK. This album is also encoded with the healing 528 Solfeggio frequencies. A genuine nurturing supporting and healing CD and a one hour sonic sound bath of bliss

Digital Album Immediate download of album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.  DOWNLOAD IT NOW  $15 AUD

CD (Limited Edition) Physical CD in beautiful eco friendly digipack cardboard case with gorgeous full color art, liner notes and photographs by Sean McVitty – Plus includes ‘FREE’ instant download of album in your choice of MP3 FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. BUY NOW  $20.00 AUD

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“I found Sean’s music as total sublime. It surrounded my home with such an angelic presence, that even my 17 year old daughter was affected so positively-it blew my mind.”
Karina Byron Bay

“Stunning music that transports the soul to other worlds… a truly wonderful way to journey beyond life’s demands… and return to a new moment, with perhaps, a new view.”
Illumina QLD

“Hi Sean, I absolutely love your music, which I came across for the first time at the recent MBS Festival. I bought all 4 of your CDs and can highly recommend them to listeners looking for something special and inspiring. I also love the beautiful visual covers. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.”
Rebecca Novacek SYD

“Hey Sean,Thank you so much for creating such beautiful music! In my Physio practice I have been using your music to create a relaxing and deeply present state for both myself and my clients. Very effective and lovely on the ear  as well. Takes me to a good place! All the best!”
Dan Collinson, Physiotherapist. NSW.

“Hi Sean

My name is Pablo and I met you at the body, mind and spirit festival. I just wanted to tell that it was great meeting you and listening about the great passion you have for music. I’ve got on your website and definitely your work is soul touching and very inspirational for artists. Ive recently started painting with my heart and I would like to send you a very special painting that I channeled thought the process. This is a gift for you. God bless you and hopefully I will see you sometime soon at Byron bay.

Take care

Pablo ~ SYD Australia.

Hi Sean I was lucky enough to find you at the Channon market last December visiting from Tasmania. I bought your cd Sounds Embracing the Silence. I listen to it all the time, in my studio making jewellery, when I give shiatsu massages, when I meditate and to help me sleep at night.
Thank you for creating and sharing your beautiful music!
I now want to buy the rest of your albums!

Warm regards, Mel.


  • Well done Sean, your music takes my body on a sublime journey of ecstasy just through listening. I feel myself letting go and surrendering into its mysteries with each unique sound. After many years of litening to wonderful relaxation, meditation and music to make love with your offering is a stunning new offering.

  • This music is truly sublime, subtle, inspiring. We feel we are transported into our own essential Being. Thanks for your great help through your work.

  • Meditation music can make you reach deeper levels of meditation

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