Close Up Interview with Music Composer & Producer Sean McVitty

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  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

    I live in the beautiful hills behind Byron Bay Australia, where I compose and

    produce music for the Yoga, Spa and Wellbeing industry.

    I’m passionate about creating music that supports deeper states of relaxation,

    meditation and healing.

    Working closely with massage therapists, yoga instructors and Spa centers, I’ve

    created a series of 60 minute CDs that transform any environment into an oasis of

    tranquility and bliss.

    Who (or what) inspires you to do what you love in your creative


    It?s the wonderful feedback and testimonials that I receive daily that motivates

    me. I know I?m on the right track when hearing about where the music has

    been able to help someone deeply relax, to help them sleep, or calm them

    throughout their busy day.

    Where do you get your inspiration from when you compose your


    It can come from any place but having a lifestyle that is in alignment with the

    music I write is what allows for the magic to happen.

    It?s through receiving letters from people who haven?t been able to sleep

    through a night and now can, from mothers with children who now settle to

    sleep and are calmer before bedtime, this feedback has become the

    inspiration for me.

    • What are the ?ve words that people you know would use to describe


      I had to ask my friends!

      Peaceful, Calm, Grounded, Driven and Magnetic

      Tell us about your very ?rst job and what path you have taken since


      My ?rst job at the age of 17 was a display artist building props for television


      Since then I?ve done many different things to pay the bills but it was my

      passion and gift for playing music that has always been there. I?ve played as

      a professional musician in bands for most of my life. In the 1990?s I worked as

      a session musician for many of Australia?s most iconic rock bands and this

      lead me to composing and producing major releases for Sony. EMI. Grundy?s

      Television and Network Ten.

      Describe a typical day in your studio?

      I begin each day with yoga and stretching, then if the swells good a surf out

      front on my favourite and local beach… then it?s home for a breakfast of

      muesli, yoghurt and fruit… I like to sit outside in the sunshine with my feet on

      the earth… this helps me stay grounded and focused within my day… My

      studio is situated in a wildlife sanctuary in the hinterland of Byron Bay. It?s

      teaming with birdlife and song… this morning ritual prepares me for the studio

      and allows space for the creative energy to ?ow… and deal with the emails,

      phone calls, orders, to do list etc…

  • As a composer, what is your biggest frustration?

    The devaluation of music!

    As a teenager, buying music was special. I?d spend all of my money buying

    albums and then spend hours and days engrossed in the detail and journey

    of each one.

    Now people want music for free, its almost an expectation… sadly.

    Tell us how you prioritise your work.

    I wear many hats, I design all the artwork, built my website and compose,

    record, mix and master all of my own material. With so many things always

    needing to be done I go into the studio each day and follow where the energy

    wants to ?ow. But I?m also very blessed in that my gorgeous supportive

    partner Ali takes care of the social media, wholesale and retail side of the


    How do you connect with other creative professionals, and your clients

    (i.e. how do you network)?

    We recently returned from the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney. This was

    an amazing opportunity to be face to face with both clients and healing

    professionals. Whilst there I was approached and offered an distribution deal

    with THE major music distributor for the wellbeing market, this was a real


    My website, LinkedIn and Facebook business page has been a successful

    way of connecting to my local community and to the world.

    I?m so fortunate to be in a town that draws in so many talented artists from all

    over the world. I feature real musicians and sound healers on all of my


    • What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting

      out and following their passions?

      Get off Facebook! (I recently did and ?nd I have a lot more available time).

      Take off your shoes and stand on the earth.

      Follow your dreams no matter what!

      Tune into your body… what I mean by this is by asking yourself questions and

      waiting for the answer to come from within rather than seeking answers via

      the mind alone… you always know the answer you just have to make yourself

      quiet enough to hear it.

      What dream do you still want to achieve or ful?l in your life?

      To have my music played in every Spa, Retreat and home on the globe!

      What is your proudest moment so far?

      I?d have to say my beautiful daughter Laylah, she constantly amazes me, I?m

      so proud of her.

      Professionally, I?m most proud of the four albums that I?ve just released.

      Sharing them with the world is something I?m immensely proud of.

      Who do you most want to meet and why?

      Anna Breytenbach

      I recently watched a ?lm about this amazing woman, with unique skills in

      animal communication. Stunning scientists and animal carers of her power to

      connect and transform wild animals such as Lions, Elephants, Baboons and

      Wolves from pain and trauma to healthy being.

      It was incredibly inspiring…. check out

  • What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?

    To keep my heart open no matter what!

    What book are you reading right now, and do you have a book you

    would like to recommend?

    The book by my bed currently is The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by

    Sogyal Rinpoche

    There are three books that have changed my life.

    A Passionate Marriage by David Snarch

    Feelings Verses Emotions by Diana Richardson (Everyone should read

    this book – the world would be a different place if we did).

    and Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukov

    Where do we ?nd you and your music?





    Email: [email protected]

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